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With Las Vegas being rated one of the top 10 locations in the country for great food, there is an abundance of new restaurants being built as well as enhanced and we have built more than our fair share of them.

Las Vegas is home to more than half of the 20 largest hotels in the world with more than 150 casinos and 150,000 hotel/motel rooms. For years, CARMA team members have been intricately involved in constructing and remodeling rooms and common areas at many of the finest locations.

There is no shortage of entertainment opportunities in Las Vegas and CARMA team members have built some of the greatest theaters, esports properties, parks, nightclubs, and convention centers.

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Las Vegas isn't all about bright lights and slot machines. After all, it takes many people to keep things rolling and that means a lot of office space is needed. CARMA and our team work for some of the largest employers in town to make keep their spaces current and their technology state-of-the-art.

More than 70 million people, from all across the globe, visit Last Vegas each year, and many come just to shop spending over $1.75B a year. Hundreds of retail establishments have been built by CARMA team members over the years and there is no slowdown in sight.


Slowing down the place in Las Vegas is easy to do with options to spend time at a spa, sit poolside in the sun, golf, or take a sightseeing adventure. Many of our team members have had the luxury of creating some of the most decadent places in town to relax and rejuvenate.

Create your dream.
Let us be your partner.

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