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To have the number one career goal of being respected is all you really need to know about Tom, but we are glad there is even more. His conscientiousness extends from his personal family, to his CARMA family, and to his on-site persona where he wants to get to know the people around him and to build trusting relationships with everyone.
Usually, the most aggravating part of a construction project is getting 100% of all the "little things" checked off the list, but with Tom, you don't' need to worry; he stays fully invested until everything is completed.
Tom's superpower at work is his innate ability to figure things out and he is the go-to when anyone needs help. At home, he is the ultimate dog scratcher - and who wouldn't want that superpower?
Tom was born in TX and now lives in Las Vegas with his wife, son, and dogs. He loves hunting, fishing, and, celebrating as many successes as he can with some Gentleman Jack, BBQ, and Tacos. Having him here makes us a better company...and family.

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