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Teamwork. Caring. Sympathetic. Silly. Quiet.
These words are how others describe Jennifer and they are spot on.

Jennifer is a woman committed to being the best she can be for her work and home families. To her, a great day at work is when everything you hoped for gets done, and that you helped bring a smile to someone's day. Talk about a huge heart and devoted professional.
In her professional life she has three goals and exhibits all three each and every day:
1. To be part of a team that lifts each other up
2. To develop new skills that will help further her personal life and career
3. To become an expert in her field
Jennifer is a superhero in her work and personal lives. She dives in at CARMA to help wherever she can, and at home she manages a husband (our PM, Eric), three kids, and four fur babies.
We bow to her. Seriously.

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