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Jeff (JD)

Jeff Jones, otherwise known as "JD" has been a Superintendent at CARMA since February of 2019. Originally from Pasadena, TX, JD, his wife, and son now love living in Las Vegas. His #1 goal at work is to be respected and he knows that respect is earned, not simply given out. He's great at working to figure things out to come up with the best possible solution for the client.People describe JD as intelligent, dependable, adaptable, sensible, and confident. Now isn't that the type of Superintendent you's want on your project?An overly organized man, he doesn't let things pile up during the week because he wants to be 100% caught up by the time he leaves the office each Friday to go fishing.JD's favorite quote is a great one from Ron White:"You can't fix stupid."When in doubt, JD will figure it out.

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