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If there is anyone on the CARMA team that lives and breathes dedication and working to get better each day, it is Carlo. As a Project Engineer and the person who always drops what they are doing to help others, Carlo is an integral member of this team, (and one of the first hires which should tell you a lot). When thinking about the question, "what would be your best day ever?" Carlo responds by saying:
"When the entire team collaborated with success by going all-in to hit a milestone!"
His connection to others both on and off the jobsite goes deep as he is always listening, empowering, and connecting to the person he is with. Carlo wants to be known as a good person, to be astute in business, and to develop great lasting relations and partnerships with clients and trade partners alike.
His favorite quote is from the late, great Kobe Bryant:Everything negative-pressure, challenges-is all an opportunity for me to rise."

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