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As the majority owner of CARMA, Angie dedicates herself to the construction industry and the role women can and will play in it. If there is one word that sums up Angie, it is that of "mentor" as she relentlessly shares with others her knowledge as an estimating and project management genius. There is nothing she can't accomplish with hard work and she instills this mindset in her team.
Angie is also quite competitive and likes to win at work and at home with Chris. And even though he says he wins at their friendly competitions, it is really Angie that wins.
As a natural leader and person with exceptional attention to detail, Angie is someone clients want on their projects. She always exceeds expectations.
Angie and Chris have an open door policy in their home and the backyard is usually filled with friends, family, and their three dogs. There is no shortage of dry humor and love for her CARMA family.





Do you know anyone who is a financial wiz AND a motorcycle nut? We do, and his name is Bob Scott, our CFO. this man has cycled through 48 states, 5 Canadian Provences, and three continents!
During the workday, Bob's "wins" come when he has exceeded everyone's expectations and he has added value to the situation (and we feel Bob gets a lot of wins). He is an integral part of all we do and chooses to be a part of CARMA because of our positive and reinforcing work environment.
His softer side shines through the most when he is with his family, particularly the grandkids and his dream is to take a motorcycle trip to Athens.



Since April of 2021, Brittany has been keeping us on our toes - it is hard to keep up with her! Nobody loves a challenge like Brittany and she always steps up when a new challenge is placed in front of her. It's not a wonder that her favorite book is War and Peace!
Simply stated, Brittany drives herself to be the very best that she can be both at work and at home. In addition to being a vital member of the CARMA family, Brittany is a wife and mom to two little girls. How the heck does she do it all?
To destress, she loves to go camping and passionately cheer on the Golden Knights! Oh, and don't text her --- she wants to hear your lovely voice on the other end of the call.



If there is anyone on the CARMA team that lives and breathes dedication and working to get better each day, it is Carlo. As a Project Engineer and the person who always drops what they are doing to help others, Carlo is an integral member of this team, (and one of the first hires which should tell you a lot). When thinking about the question, "what would be your best day ever?" Carlo responds by saying:
"When the entire team collaborated with success by going all-in to hit a milestone!"
His connection to others both on and off the jobsite goes deep as he is always listening, empowering, and connecting to the person he is with. Carlo wants to be known as a good person, to be astute in business, and to develop great lasting relations and partnerships with clients and trade partners alike.
His favorite quote is from the late, great Kobe Bryant:Everything negative-pressure, challenges-is all an opportunity for me to rise."



Passion. Grit. Integrity. Leadership. Confidence. Energy. Those words describe how Chris' team views him which is the ultimate compliment. We challenge you to find a better leader than Chris Rowe. Every day is a new adventure with an eye set on the prize of bringing his very best to his CARMA and personal family, clients, and trade partners. When something needs to be done right, Chris is your guy and he will not rest until it's right. Chris is a competitive man, and has a profound passion for the outdoors and hunting. Chris and Angie are the ultimate game-playing couple and parents of two strong-willed Jack Russell's and a Chihuahua.
The word "team" should be Chris's middle name. Being an underdog motivates Chris toward winning work and making the client 100% satisfied.
"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I will remember. Involve me and I will learn."-Benjamin Franklin
Is it any wonder that this is Chris's favorite quote? It pretty much sums up how Chris leads CARMA.



"Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."
-Abe Lincoln

There is little doubt as to why this is Dave's favorite quote. He sees the big picture and knows that solid planning and preparation make for a better outcome. He commits daily to learning and growing to help his career, CARMA, and family.
His confidence and independence make others around him better as he strives for success in all he does.
Away from work, Dave likes his Bud Light, beef jerky, softball, playing poker and looking for ways celebrate with a party.
But most important is Dave's little girl, who has her daddy wrapped around her little finger.



When it comes to project accounting, there is none better than Dawn. Not only is she a perfectionist, she is a wonder woman at juggling multiple balls in the air at the same time (and she never drops one!)
It is no wonder that Dawn's favorite quote is by Vince Lombardi because it actually describes the kind of person she is in her personal and professional life. The quote reads, "The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand." Yes, this is Dawn to a tee.
Believe it or not, her favorite snack is fruit but she balances that with her favorite drink, wine. She prefers to be texted instead of called, probably because she's re-reading her favorite book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. ​
Dawn is not only loved by her CARMA family but also by her adoring husband, daughter and fur babies.



Elois Wells is a dynamic Project Engineer whose expertise has significantly contributed to her team's success over the past year. With a strong focus on providing administrative support and facilitating trade coordination, Elois serves as a cornerstone for the Project Management Team both in the office and on project sites. Elois thrives in environments that prioritize teamwork and collaboration, making her an invaluable asset to the CARMA Family. Her ability to foster positive working relationships and streamline communication channels enhances productivity and ensures project milestones are met efficiently. Beyond her professional endeavors, Elois finds fulfillment in spending quality time with her loved ones, including family, friends, and her cherished dog, Poppy. Her dedication to both her work and personal life reflects a balanced approach to achieving fulfillment and success in all aspects of her endeavors.



Eric Winfrey is an impeccable Project Manager and has worked with many on the team for years, and being part of an excellent team is what makes Eric love his job even more. When he says that a great day at work is when the team comes together and helps each other overcome a huge obstacle or meet a milestone. CARMA is family to Eric (and many others on the team), and it shows with his deep respect and enjoyment of spending time with his team members outside the office.
Michael Jordan once said, "I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying." This is Eric's favorite quote and it is clear why. Eric never stops trying. As a leader, he has parlayed that intensity to others around him and everyone is better for it.
Eric is a Las Vegas sports nut and LOVES the Raiders (always has) and the Knights. You can often find him and his adorable family putting on their team jerseys and rooting loudly.




Jeff (JD)

Jeff Jones, otherwise known as "JD" has been a Superintendent at CARMA since February of 2019. Originally from Pasadena, TX, JD, his wife, and son now love living in Las Vegas. His #1 goal at work is to be respected and he knows that respect is earned, not simply given out. He's great at working to figure things out to come up with the best possible solution for the client.People describe JD as intelligent, dependable, adaptable, sensible, and confident. Now isn't that the type of Superintendent you's want on your project?An overly organized man, he doesn't let things pile up during the week because he wants to be 100% caught up by the time he leaves the office each Friday to go fishing.JD's favorite quote is a great one from Ron White:"You can't fix stupid."When in doubt, JD will figure it out.

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